I want you to get the very most from your hair replacement system.  These aftercare guidelines will help you keep it in the best condition possible.

  • Don't shampoo your hair system unless you really need to
  • That means using only water-based/water-soluble products for styling
  • Condition your system frequently
  • You can help prevent colour fade and damage to adhesives by avoiding excessive exposure to UV light / sunlight
  • If colour revitalisation is needed, call me!  Please do not try to colour your system yourself
  • Using a satin pillowcase at night can help prevent friction and reduce hair shedding from the system
  • Use a detangling brush every day to prevent matting - do NOT use a comb
  • Please keep to the refit schedule we have agreed
  • Do not attempt to remove the system yourself
  • Only use the recommended shampoo, conditioner and styling products
If you're not sure, call me!

Our chosen supplier of hair systems is Novo Cabelo and, as an approved stylist, I have their full support.  You can contact them directly at [email protected]